I bought some flowers for “Green roof” and “Container display corner”.。

First, “Green roof”

Standard Rosemary
New face, Honeysuckle
Thyme – silver, planted last june, grew up big.
Heuchera, maybe 3rd year.
The irrigation pipe was damaged before and died a lot, but Ajuga is still alive and growing.
Verbena is also fine.
Freesia. I also planted bulbs and left them alone, but in about the third year, they started to bloom well.
An unidentified flower. It feels like a big “Linaria canadensis “.

Next, “Container display corner”

Renewal of “1,2,3” pots from Primula Julian to “Brakicam” ✖ 2 types and “Osteospermum”.
“Aquilegia” is planted at the foot of “Container display corner.”
The wild violets that had withered in January bloomed wonderfully !


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