I have to systematically use my paid vacation. So, let’s gardening! Just like the combination of the blindfold net I installed the other day, it is a challenge to blindfold even with flowers.The following plants were purchased.

  • Gaura Iindheimeri
  • Garden Harb (Micromeria Fruticosa)
  • Tea Harb(Lippia dulcis)
  • Thyme Silver
  • Rudbeckia Sahara
  • Daucus-Carota
  • Painted-Sage
  • Hydrangea Tinkerbell (Purchased about half a month ago)
Rightside of discription”Micromeria Fruticosa” is Carex(large grown). Hiding in Carex is “Snapdragon”. There are “Dichondra” and “Oxalis” that cover the whole.Hydrangea will be a blindfold if it grows up by next year.
On the right side of the new arrival “Rudbeckia Sahara” is “Mexican hat”. It is a unique existence. Mini rose to the left of Sahara and “Cosmos atrosanguineus” to the left.The dark green ones are the ”Calamintha” that are scattered here and there. Below the “Sahara” are “White clover” and “Snapdragon”. The dead lawn is currently recovering.
I want “Tea herbs” to spread。In the upper left is a small bloom of “Marigold”, which has proliferated last year.(Spilled species) On the left side of the photo is “Gypsophila” planted in the first year of the greenroof.
The view seen from inside the room. How blind will the planted plant be?


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