KUSAYANE-pinch !


My doughter said that Half of Greenroof is dead. So I went on the greenroof …

Panoramic photo (right side 2/3 turf is dead)

Oh my god!

First of all, I decided to switch the automatic irrigation system to manual and see what happens. As you can see in the video below (it’s hard to understand!), the water flow seems to be only in the front half.

Is the root of the flower clogged somewhere in the irrigation pipe? When I went up to the roof again, there was a place where water overflowed from the soil.

Water is spilling over the ground from a point of the rake tip.


Now, looking at the drawing, the irrigation pipe is embedded in the ground like this.

I will try to dig the grass between the green part and the dead part.

When the irrigation pipe came out, I tried to manually drain the water again…

Jackpot! It turned out that the pipe had a break, and most of the water went out of here, and there was no water flowing into the pipe from here. Why did this part break?…


Now, the repair procedure is… First, I think it is appropriate to cut this part of the pipe and connect it with a joint. I have procured a hose fitting that matches the diameter of the pipe at a nearby DIY store.

The irrigation pipe is Kakudai’s porous pipe 5785 (15 mm inside diameter, 20 mm outside diameter). Substitute fittings are for hose inner diameter 15-18 mm. The hose band is for 19-25 mm.About 350 yen in total.

Go up to the roof and start working!

First, cut at the scratched part.
Insert fittings
Insert the fittings into the other
Fixed with hose bands (actually, pass the cable tie through the pipe first)
Since some water is leaking from the insertion port, weaken the water pressure a little.
Water is seeping out even at the downstream side (head) of the joint. It’s OK!
Make sure that water is coming out even on the tip of the roof.

Cause and Response

  • The pipe was scratched for some reason.⇒Repair with fittings.
  • The water pressure was too high (fully open the faucet!).⇒Squeezed the faucet considerably and changed the irrigation time to 20 minutes.

I want to see the situation for a while.


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