Gardening 20200802 ~The rainy season ended!~

The rainy season was long this year. It is said that the end of the rainy season was the third latest in the history of observation. After the rainy season, suddenly sunny weather continues. Watering is done twice a day in the morning and evening. The automatic irrigation system for the green roof was also set at 10:00 and 16:00.

Cut back, “Wire vine” and “Westringia”

The ”Wire vine” that I cut about a month and a half ago stretched quite a bit, so I cut it again.

The plants around “Westringia-Australian rosemary” are also crowded densely so I cut them.

“Westringia” on the left, “Creeping thyme” underneath, ”Salvia farinacea” on the right, “Mini dahlia” on the right. I cut back them.
Westringia was refreshing.

Place for succulents

The back of the ”Nnortheast-little-garden” is a storeroom, and I train vines of “Periwinkle” to the wall. I made some changes here.

Well, it looks like this.
Bought: 2 Wire baskets, succulents.
Items to prepare: cable tie, pliers, nippers, broken coffee cup – handle removed, and some succulents that have been gradually increased by cutting.

The succulent I bought today Part 1: ”Hibotan-Moon cactus”. It seems to be “variegated cactus with pillar cactus as rootstock”.

The succulent I bought today Part 2: Unknown name-It is similar to a “Chocolate soldier – Kalanchoe tomentosa” when I look it up in a picture book.

The succulent I bought today Part 3:Euphorbia mammillaris. The shop said, “It looks like a cactus, but it is a succulent plant.” Put it in a broken coffee cup, visible in the back.

Attach the wire basket with a cable tie.
Attached it in two places.
Placed the succulents.
Panoramic view.


I was wondering if there were leaves like ”Summer muscari” growing. Then, flowers like “Summer muscari” came out! What is this?


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