I bought flower seedlings after a long absence. This time,3 kinds of flowers.
Primrose:marche pink
Pansy:Miyabi cutyapricot

Let’s start with the containers of Celosia”, ”Zinnia” (2 types) and ”Oregano Margherita”.I planted them in August last year, but since the flower period of Zinnia has ended, I will update this to Primrose.

Celosia and Oregano feels shabby. Is Primrose a little too lively…
Pull out Zinnia and loosen the soil. A small rake can help.
Finished. I hope that when Primrose grows up and the volume comes out, it will be a good balance.

Next is Pansy. I used to put a pot of wild violets in a birdcage, but since the violets seem to be hibernating, I exchange them with pany.Plant pansies in unglazed pots and place in a birdcage.

The aboveground part of the wild violet is dead…
The field violets are probably okay because the blue leaves remain. I think it will bloom again in spring.
Complete. I want them to bloom more and more through the gaps in the birdcage.
Hang it.

It is a tin container that was planted (updated at this time) in May last year. “French Lavender”, “Ajuga”, “Ballota” and “Carex” (unlimited growth) are fine. Add the “Leschenaultia” to this.

Before. At the same time as this renewal, I also prune French lavender and Ballota, which has too many branches.
This group plant was filled with soil, and was gently removed from the pot.
The other side. We will sort and prun this lump while separating it.
Once completed. Should I prune Lavender a little more…
Group photo.

In the “Northeast small garden”, the autumn leaves of hydrangea are about to end and the leaves are falling off.

Hydrangea is easy to grow and the autumn colors are beautiful.

Challenge the training of “Climing rose”. I pruned the branches, and managed to shape them.

This “Climbing rose” is a blindfold in the range from the pillar of the wood deck to the part where the wire is stretched.
This is the Climbing Rose “Iceberg” planted in May 2018. It has grown considerably.
It extends to the “green roof”. I’m looking forward to spring.


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