Gardening 2020-Summer ~Redecorating the northern shed into “Houseplants” and “Succulents” storage~

The northern shed was originally designed as a laundry room. However, the wooden deck on the south side has become a good laundry-drying area, so it is not used much here. Here is a bicycle shelter in case of rain.
There are Houseplants on the wood deck in the south, which can be an obstacle when hanging out laundry.
That’s why I tried to set up the northern shed in a space of Houseplants and succulents.

The northeast small garden is in front of the north shed.
Inner view. On the wall, training periwinkle plant from the northeast small garden.
New purchase this time. ①Carnivorous plant “Sundew”(left),②Carnivorous plant “Nepenthes”(center),③Carnivorous plant “Pitcher plant”(right),④Hanging basket (rear).
I moved the Houseplants on the wooden deck in the south to this place.
Place “Dischidia” in a hanging basket and hang it. The antique hanger I bought a long time ago finally found a usable place!
Houseplants and succulents are placed with a wire basket on the wall.