Gardening20200716~lawn mowing on a sunny day during rainy season~

Rainy season is continuing, but today was fine. So I had mowed the lawn on the green roof !

Before lawn mowing. Dichondra occupies 80% of the area from this side.
Like this. If you look closely, the “Morning glory” spilled seeds I planted last year have sprouted and are mixed with the “Dicondra”.
Before lawn mowing. A mixture of lawn, dicondra and weeds.
After lawn mowing.Honeysuckle(upper left) planted in april grows its vine to under “Cherry sage”.
This bucket has been active recently. Faulks&Cox Red Gorilla TUBTRUGS M size (26L). The 30L poly bag fits nicely.
After lawn mowing. The eaves side is refreshing.

“Tea Herb (Lippia dulcis)” planted at the same time. This herb seems to have grown anew because the above-ground part has withered in winter.
“Calamintha” that grows here and there every year. This also has a mint scent.
I cut the cherry sage at the western end of this grass roof and inserted it, but it firmly rooted.(lol) On the left is the rosemary planted in April.
An unidentified plant. The leaves are interesting, so I’ll wait for a while.


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