Gardening 20200608~Clematis has blossomed~

No.1:Petit Dahlia

Petit Dahlia has blossomed which planted in the ground Last year!

No.2:Campanula medium

The other day, it rained heavily, so this Campanula was broken in the middle of the branch.The flowers has finished blooming once, and then the second flowers has begun to bloom. Co-star with Orlaya.

No.3:Cornus kousa – Yamaboushi

Yamaboshi has begun to bloom, too. The timing is same as last year.


Last year, I tried to plant small Clematis seedling in the gap between Ivy and baregrass planted together in the tin pot. Laid it aside for a year, what a flower has bloomed!

If you look closely, there is one bud. Upper right arrow part, May 30th.
Today, I find that the flower has bloomed !


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