I could’nt resist the rain Yesterday, the day before yesterday, It’s gardening after a little clear time.

Planted 3 colors Zinnia in 123 pots. Top of the “antique postcard holder” seeing right side ,Sage is growing. Brachyscome cherish” which planted in the middle of the “holder” has weakened, so I transplanted under the “yamaboushi – Dogwood” at the south garden.See next photo…
It seems rooted, lucky!
The post of June 3rd, I think these were buds, but these were seeds.
Like this. Planting on the North east little garden.
Yamaboushi – Dogwood – Cornus kousa – is full in blooms. Last year’s earthquake and heavily rain continued, so I don’t really remember whether the flowers bloomed.I was thrilled whether it would bloom this year, but it is in full bloom.
Correctly, it is said to be a bract(flower root leaf). The leaves are gradually becoming whiter. The leaf will be whiter and whiter. I like its color and its shape.
The grass roof without pinch. Remove thatched grass and trimmed.
This is the tool. RYOBI Clippers AB-1120(width110mm). It is little noisy, but works well.