Gardening20200607~Hydrangea cuttings~

Today’s post is “Hydrangea cuttings”.

I’ve got two branches of hydrangea.
The branches was cut into two, like this.
Laying non-woven on the bottom of the pot.
Put the Commercial soil for cuttings in the pot. Under left:Ordinary soil because it’s stock is gone.
Give enough water to the soil, then make a hole with a stick.
Set cuttings.


20200613 The buds seem to have grown a little.
20200613 This pot filled Ordinary soil, this cutting look like not well.

20200621 The buds are growing and becoming leaves.
20200621 Unfortunately, it has withered.

From the end of June, I put it in a half-day shade where the sun hits only in the morning. About a month later.

20200721 Replant the soil with fertilizer.
20200721 Each has a strong root.
20200721 I gave plenty of water.

to be continued…

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