Gardening20200603~Seeds of Cardinal climber~

NO.1:Cardinal climber

The post of May-30, I wrote that sowing seeds of Cardinal climber.

And today’s morning…

20200603-08:40 There are buds.
20200603-14:10 5 hours later. Right side, two seeds are growing steadly. Left side, two buds will come out.

No.2:Timely watering

It doesn’t looks like well. In this condition, watering at the base-soil surface by “Long-handled watering spout” seen on the left, to the edge of the pot, “water wait water”, until the water comes out under the pot.
About 1 hour later. Looks like well. Keep watching the “cycle(depends on the season)” until like this, watering not to wilt, the plant doesn’t root rot.

No.3:Succulent plants

Cactus boy is full of energy today.
The leggy Succulent plants(unknown name).Compare with Cactus boy.
Leggy Succulent plants,too(unknown name).What will happen after this?

No.4:Today’s snap

Gazania Canary smile iPhone XR,4mm,f/1.8,SS1/180,ISO=25


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