The outside temperature has become a little cooler. It’s been a while since I gardened. Today, the wind was blowing, so I stopped mowing (because the mowed grass was scattered in the neighborhood) and mowed the ”Southern garden”.


I also bought potted flowers. It is a group planting. They are “Celosia”, “Zinnia” (2 types) and “Oregano Margherita”, prepared in pink.

Lined it up with Zinnia.

I “haircut” the grouped plants of ”Eremophila nivea”, ”Lysimachia” and ”Salvia”.

By the way, there were a couple of interesting things on the green roof.

The “Hydrangea-Tinkerbell” that I bought in May was transplanted to the green roof in June

This Hydrangea cut the first flower and transplanted it, and it started to bloom again in August.

The other is an unidentified flower that bloomed (lol).

I don’t know where this flower seed came from. It blooms in 3 places. Behind this flower, purple flowers have also bloomed on the garden herb (Micromelia fulticosa).