Gardening 20190609

Full view of the window through the green roof(Excellent open feeling!) So, I put a gardening net outside the window as a blindfold.So, I put a gardening net outside the window as a blindfold. It took about a week to procure materials, prepare the ground, and install the gardening net.

It’s a twine net. This time, cut it in half (0.9m x 3.6m) and use it.
“Sudare hanger”. Any material can be used as a starting point. A picture after installation will appear later.
These are purchased at the home center. Use on both ends of the net.
Aluminum round pipe 1m.
Strings for gardening. Green is cool.

Below is the installation status.

First, attach the ”Sudare hanger” in two places. In my case, there was a sunshade box, so I installed it there. I think it can be a window frame.
Hang the twine net on the Sudare hanger. And I also hook 1m of aluminum pipe at the same time. Adjust the spacing of the Sudare hangers appropriately.
Tie the top corner of the twine net to the aluminum pipe with twine.
By the way, this is bamboo purchased at a home center. The length is 1.8m, so it’s not enough. I use it by connecting with twine.
Lean with a rough feeling.
Hang the upper part with a string.
The tip of this bamboo is sharply cut, so insert it firmly into the green roof. (Do not damage the irrigation pipe in the ground.)
Fix it with a twine string so that the seams of the bamboo do not wobble. This time, I will look at the situation at two places, and if there is a wobble, I will make three places.
Two bamboos are installed at both ends of the twine net.
Secure the twine net to the bamboo on both ends.
The final finish. What’s this?
Fix the wire through the W ring to the earth retaining (L-shaped stainless steel single-sided punching metal) on the eaves of the roof.
Connect the twine net here with a rope. (Insurance to prevent flying away due to a typhoon)
Like this.
Two morning glories were planted on the eastern net.
These two types are on the west side. I hope these morning glories grow quickly.


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