Weed consideration 20190527

I am aiming for gardening using weeds as much as possible.

At the back of the car, the border with the neighbor, weeds such as “Carex” are in the flowering season .
This is “Nandina domestica”, which is a “spilled species” from my neighbor.
“Something” of the vine that was taken in the mountains.
“Oxalis” under it.
This is “Oxalis corymbosa” in the garage.
The garage, lower part of the car were ground covered. “Sedum”, “Dichondra”,various “Oxalis”.
The taller one is “Onitabiraco-Youngia japonica”. What is the name of a plant with leaves like palms?
It is inside the “Northeastern little garden” enclosure. “Periwinkle” is breeding.

Once in a while, I will introduce other weeds.


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