Gardening 20190526

Part1:Oakleaf hydrangea

I got the “Oakleaf hydrangea” I’ve always wanted. I planted it in a slightly larger tin bucket.

Part2:Shaded garden

Although this garden is on the south side, it is in the shade. I am investigating plants that grow in the shade. “Rice flower” and “Gazania” manage to endure. I planted “Petunia-Cream soda” and “Plectranthus-Golden Swedish Ivy”(which seems to grow in the ground cover) on here.

Part3:The Northeast little garden

After : Pruned ash wood. Also, the flowers at the feet were thinned out.
Refreshing. Prepare for the Rainy season.

Part4:Salvia farinacea

The flowers have begun to bloom.

Part5:Houstonia caerulea

The flowers have begun to bloom.


I forgot the name of this flower.I planted it in the summer of last year, and it came out a lot, whether it was a perennial plant or a spilled seed. I think the name was somehow made in Africa of Rudbeckia origin.
Two days after. Like this.


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