Gardening 20190530

May ends today. I used “Paid leave” for gardening. Today I bought 10 flower seedlings at “The Farm” in Ibaraki City.

South garden

Because this place is in the shadow of “Yamaboshi-Cornus kousa”, “Irohamomiji-Japanese maple”, and the neighboring houses (south and west), it probably takes about an hour a day. So, I studied with the “reasonable” book, “Building the garden in the four seasons to utilize the shade “. I bought some flowers that could grow even in the shade.

“Lysimachia atropurpurea-Beaujolais”, “Veronica charlotte”

What I planted last fall has withered. Re-challenge.This time, I planted it in a place where it was sunny a little.
Let’s plant in a set with “Lysimachia atropurpurea-Beaujolais”. It is said that it will be 80 to 100 cm when planted locally.
Arranged next to the “Swedish Ivy-Plectranthus verticillatus” that was planted before, like a group plant.What happens when “Veronica” reaches 80cm…

“Campanula punctata”, “Origanum-Rotundifolium”

Because it was taken up comparatively in the previous book.
Let’s plant it under “Yamaboushi” as a set with “Campanula punctata”. The “Kent Beauty” at the “Container display corner“(half shade) is growing well, so I hope it grows here as well.
Balance with the previously planted “Rice Flower”.

”Ivy-Snow dancer”, “Perthenocissus henryana”

This is a beautiful “Ivy”. Small leaves.
I planted it at the foot of a “flower stand” with blocks. I want this ivy to spread…
If the sunlight is too good, the leaf color will become light. Isn’t it just right for the “Southern Garden”?
Aiming for a “brick block flower stand with ivy”. I’m looking forward to the autumn leaves.
Panoramic view. From the left, “Origanum-Rotundifolium”, “Campanula punctata”, “Rice flower” and “Ivy-Snow dancer” ,the foot of “Yamaboshi”. “Hydrangea-Tinkerbell” is on the “Brick block flower stand”, “Oakleaf hydrangea” is below it.”Gazania-Canary smile” and “Petunia-Cream soda” is below it. To the right, “Swedish Ivy-Plectranthus verticillatus”, “Veronica charlotte” and “Lysimachia atropurpurea-Beaujolais” the foot of “Japanese maple”.
“The garage” and “South garden”

KUSAYANE – Green roof

The “Green roof” that repaired the water leaks in the irrigation pipe has gone from a pinch.”Cherry sage” got better, and “Calamintha” came out here and there.The grass is turning green in places.

The dead part on the upper right is likely to be revived when trimmed.

”Tweedia-Oxypetalum”, and “Nierembergia-Augusta bluering”

A combination of “Blue Star” and “White Marron”.It feels good to have downy hair on the leaves.
I fell in love with this flower at first sight.I want this flower to grow in large numbers…
Co-starring flowers.

”Dichondra argentea-Silver Falls” and “Cosmos atrosanguineus”

There is no description tag. The surrounding area is not a silver leaf but an ordinary “Dichondra”. I hope silver will increase as much as ordinary dicondra.
I dug up and down to find out where the irrigation pipe was damaged. I planted ”Cosmos” to fill the hole.

“Petunia-x hybrida”

I was surprised at this color. There were other flowers with good colors, but this time I bought only this.
Don’t you think the color of this flower is really cool?
Centering on the yellow flower “Mexican hat”, the upper right is “Calamintha”, and “Petunia-x hybrida” planted this time, and the lower left is “Snapdragon”.(I have to clip of waste flower.)
A distant view of the area I planted this time. I want to make it more like an English garden by autumn.
Extra edition:It wasn’t in focus, but there was a bird egg shell…Why?…


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