Today, I bought two types of trees, “Westringia-fruticosa” and “Acacia-weeping wattle”.

“Westlingia-fruticosa” is also known as “Australian rosemary”, but it does not seem to have the scent of rosemary.

This time I decided to plant in the ground. Because “Creeping thyme” is the ground cover, so I wanted a little accent. (Around the yellow circle)
I planted “Westringia” through the crowded “Creeping thyme”. By the way, “Creeping thyme” spreads the scent just by gently shaking it.
At the same time,”Origanum-kent beauty” growing in the middle is a foothold, so I put a partition. Lay bricks here as a foothold for watering potted plants.

Another is “Acacia-weeping wattle”.

The biggest feature is the phrase “Four seasons bloom”, so I bought it ! I planted it in a large pot. Will it grow big?


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