Tanacetum parthenium

The weather has been very good today. It was a little windy, but I did gardening.

This year, there were earthquakes in June, heavy rains and typhoons in July, and the green roof is little rough. The lawn on Green roof got messed up and half died (><).

But small flowers are in bloom. In this situation, this marigold, which was sown in May, grows up well in the face of bad weather!

I didn’t have any flowers on “Container display corner”, so I bought 3 stocks.
・Nemesia(my favorit)
・Viola(Tiger eye)
・Tanacetum parthenium(dwarf)←First time

The leftmost ”Petunia” has been divided into stocks, so it is growing fairly well.
I planted “Nemesia” for the renewal of group planting.
I planted “Petunia”, “viola” and “Tanacetum-parthenium” in unglazed pots. I put them in a container that was made of waste wood.
A little color has been added to the “Container display corner”. By the way, this“Tanacetum-parthenium” is in bloom from April to June, Is it all right…(´・ω・`)?


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