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  • To clipp waste flower of climbing rose “Iceberg”.
  • To check the green roof.
  • Oxalis-YouTube movie.
To clipp waste flower of climbing rose “Iceberg”.Previous state:20200512page.
Sorry for hanging out the laundries…
It’s difficult to pick up these waste flowers and branches.
Under the two simbol trees(Japanese maple and Cornus kousa – Yamaboushi) , plants- planted last year- are growing.Rice flower, Hedera, Plectranthus verticillatus, Henry Ive.
It bears the fruit of the Yamaboushi. I took similar photo last year! lol
On the other hand, an Orlaya-flower begins to broom.(may be 3rd year)
This may be reserve army…

The last content is YouTube movie -Oxalis scatteres its seeds.


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